Diamond Products

Diamond Abrasives – SynMesh, SynMic and PolyMic

Synthetic diamond abrasive grits and powders are available from 0- 0.25 micron through to 4mm stones, with a comprehensive range of shapes and strengths. The SynMic range is available from 0-0.25 micron through to 40-60 micron and the SynMesh range encompasses 500/600 to 10/12 US mesh, followed by the SynMesh mm range to 4mm. Selected products in the SynMesh and SynMic range are also available with a choice of surface coatings and treatments including smooth and spikey nickel and titanium carbide. In addition, NDP has also developed an innovative range of polycrystalline micron products, PolyMic, spanning the range 0-0.2 micron to 6-12 micron.

Diamond Slurries – The SynLap range

Both monocrystalline and polycrystalline micron diamond are available as slurries for lapping applications. The products are sold under the name SynLap. There are two common carrier liquids, water and oil, a variety of concentrations and a range of diamond sizes from 0.25 to 9 micron.

Diamond Suspensions – The NanoEndure and MonoEndure range

Nanodiamond products are supplied as suspensions, the NanoEndure range of products. Here, the nanodiamond is suspended in a
liquid and, by controlling the surface charges on the nanodiamond and the surface tension of the liquid, it remains in suspension, neither agglomerating nor settling. NanoEndure has been developed specifically as an additive to electroplating processes employed to produce wear resistant coatings.

A similar material using micron diamond is also available, the MonoEndure range.